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Charrua is a Sydney-based Australian company founded by brother and sister duo Arthur and Maria in 2015. Charrua produces quality handmade alfajores, a rich yet delicate dessert that has been a traditional favourite in Uruguay for well over a century. The name ‘Charrua’ harkens back to Arthur and Maria’s cultural roots, honouring Uruguay’s indigenous Charrua people who occupied the region for four thousand years.

Though it may be relatively new to Australia, the alfajor – pronounced “alfa-hor” – has a rich history and tradition. Of Arabic origin, it was introduced to South America in the mid-19th century. With velvety dulce de leche – a smooth, thick caramel – sandwiched between moist, crumbling biscuits, coconut and often coated in fine dark or white chocolate, it’s no surprise that this decadent delight quickly found a loving home in Uruguay.


Arthur & Maria’s love of alfajores was born and refined in Uruguay where they were raised. Returning to Australia as young adults with big dreams, Arthur chased his passion, becoming a qualified pastry chef. He was soon plying his trade across Sydney with his quality creations finding their way onto dinner tables and into coffee shops, delighting the few select Sydneysiders lucky enough to get their hands on his sinful, exotic pastries. Encouraged by early success and a small but very dedicated following, Maria and Arthur launched Charrua in June 2015.


“The alfajores were divine! My husband also loved them, we recently discovered alfajores and these are definitely the best we’ve had. I can tell there was a lot of thought and detail put into creating this delicious product. In my opinion, both the flavour and presentation are spot on! Well done!” – Gia R, Jul 2015

“Thankfully Alfajores have landed in Australia, and each one handcrafted by Arthur and Maria. These little tasty morsels are delicate shortbread filled with thick caramel either coated in coconut or dipped in chocolate are hard to stop at one. Thanks for introducing me to Alfajores and I look forward to indulging in much more”. – Christie Wright, Jul 2015

“Thank you, they are so yummy! – SR, Feb 2016

“The most delicious alfajores EVER! – GC, Mar 2016

“My cousin just had your alfajores, and she said she was in HEAVEN!” – AR, April 2016

“I shared them around the office and they kept asking for more! Thank you for your help, and for making the whole process so easy for us!” – AM, May 2016


Cargo Espresso Bar in Newcastle
Elias Pharmacy in Fairfield
Hang Loose Espresso Bar in Mortdale
Mr Empanadas in Bexley
Rush CBD in Brisbane
The Goni’s Schnitzelria in Marrickville

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Our Alfajores are freshly made with selected (mostly organic), quality ingredients that contain no added preservatives and/or additives.

A box of handmade Charrua Alfajores contains six individually packaged “tasty morsels”. The individual packaging maintains the freshness until you are ready to devour them!

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The Charrúa Alfajor is freshly made with high quality whole ingredients, has no added preservatives or additives…


Not sure what to bring to a party or family gathering? Why not take a dozen (or two!), of Charrúa Alfajores to impress…


The Charrúa Alfajor is freshly made with high quality whole ingredients, and has no added preservatives or additives…


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